Organizational Struture

Mr.Yongyut P.

President & Chief Executive Officer, Director With Authorized Signature

Mr.Worawit P.

Director - Operation & Management, Director With Authorized Signature

Mr.Pinai P.

Director - Operation, Director With Authorized Signature

Mr.Levi B. S.

Testing & Inspection Manager - General Manager (ASNT Level3 UT, RT, MT, PT, VT)

Mr.Sitthipong E.

Metallurgical Test & Inspection Section Manager

Ms.Pimonporn P.

Financial & Accounting Department

Ms.Janejira T.

Human Resource Department & General Secretary

Ms.Tidarat P.

Quality Management Department & Corporate Communications

Ms.Lakkhana P.

Technical Inspection Expert

               Ms.Jiraporn R.

Deputy Metallurgical Testing & Inspection Manager

               Mr.Praphas W.

Innovation & Product Designer

               Mr.Nopparat M.

Mechanical Test Supervisor

               Mr.Somchai P.

Senior Marketing & Strategic Marketing Planner

               Ms.Sarinya N.

Executive Sales & Assistant Chief to Bussiness Development

               Ms.Nion T.

Executive Sales & Assistant Chief to Bussiness Development

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